Visualise all data and teams in one project lifecycle platform.

Sensat gives you a complete overview of site conditions and enables close collaboration with all teams and stakeholders.

Trusted on critical infrastructure projects

Drive clarity and confidence in your project plans and delivery

Combine a wide range of data sets in one visual environment to see the full context of your site.

Keep stakeholders on the same page throughout the project

Your digital replica will update in real-time as you review designs and coordinate works giving you a platform to easily share or present your progress with stakeholders.

Sensat for teams

The platform enables different workstreams and teams to improve collaboration and use of data.


Monitor project progression over time and spot bottlenecks early so you can mitigate those and keep your project on schedule.

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Product add-ons

Enhance your Sensat platform with our Product Add-ons

Sensat Continuous

Improve your site view with automatic drone updates, camera feeds and live data. Without putting boots on the ground.

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Sensat Certified

Sensat’s reality scan brings your project to life with guaranteed accuracy in a digital environment.

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Unlock systems already used by your teams

Sensat combines data from industry leading construction systems to give you the complete picture of your site

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The best decisions are made together

Power the decisions that make your Infrastructure a reality.

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