All your infrastructure site information in one place

Keep your infrastructure project on track with direct access to everything and everyone, to see all your site information together for complete programme confidence every step of the way.

Seeing is believing.

         *A digital twin for civil infrastructure

Trusted on critical infrastructure projects:

​​Over 50 of the world’s largest projects use Sensat to access information and automate workflows that assist decision making, boost productivity and increase profitability.

The digital twin for civil infrastructure:


Stay on schedule with immediate access to site information that improves project visibility, coordination and build confidence.

Project Managers

Progress projects faster with data-driven decisions across infrastructure design to development and maintenance management.


Complete asset management and collaboration in one place across the asset lifecycle, from concept to decommissioning.         

Direct access to all your critical site data to:


Improve project confidence with upfront information in one place that removes uncertainty and accelerates planning and options selection.


Gain competitive advantage and win more bids, by accessing site information early that drives realistic on-time and on-budget estimates.


Stay on schedule and mitigate risk, with a real-time site record that enhances project certainty, coordination and decision confidence.


Increase infrastructure value by connecting project data, people and processes for greater control and confidence.


Canada Water

“I pay Sensat for cost certainty. And it doesn’t matter because the cost of reworks and mistakes would far exceed the initial investment. It’s much better to mitigate those risks by having better information earlier on.”

– Thomas Whiting, Managing Director at Amodal


Barking Riverside

“Over 100 colleagues are now accessing up to date information remotely via Sensat’s visualisation platform.”

– Jim Bushell, Survey and Monitoring Manager at MSVG



“We are thrilled that we’re now in a position to create the first digital 3D model of the M25, giving us a new and innovative way to deliver safer, more reliable journeys for our customers whilst limiting disruption and reducing our road workers’ exposure to live traffic.”

– Andy Dean, Chief Executive of Connect Plus

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