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Sensat partners with Oracle to supercharge infrastructure planning with real-world context

August 23, 2023

New integration combines project information from Oracle Aconex with real-world context to help teams make informed, proactive decisions.

London, UK - 23 August, 2023: Sensat, the leading visualisation and collaboration software company for civil infrastructure, today announced its integration with Oracle Aconex®, construction management software that connects teams and processes across the entire project lifecycle. Through the integration, Sensat visualises information from Oracle’s common data environment (CDE) inSensat’s Common Visualisation Environment® (CVE) to create one holistic project view. The integration enables teams to easily sync files from Aconex into Sensat so users can seamlessly understand key construction drawings and designs using real-world context in their visualisation environment.

The partnership between Oracle® and Sensat enables teams to unlock a better understanding of their data and empower more confident decision-making for project stakeholders. By augmenting Oracle’s Smart Construction Platform with Sensat’s industry-leading visualisation platform, customers can evaluate plans from all angles and identify hazards and constraints before they cause delays and added costs.

Common data environments are a valuable resource for large-scale infrastructure projects, but the data they contain is not always easily accessible or comprehensible to technical and non-technical stakeholders. This increases the risk of errors accidentally being embedded into plans, resulting in delays and additional costs down the line. Empowering users with easy-to-access and digestible programme information from the start offers a substantial opportunity to improve overall time, cost, quality, and safety outcomes on large-scale civil infrastructure projects.

Sensat’s latest integration with Oracle Aconex expands on the existing support for Oracle Primavera P6 and enables teams to benefit from the CDE’s single source of truth for drawings, schedules, cost data, CAD models, and more. By embedding all project information into a digestible visual scene, Sensat’s integration helps both technical and non-technical stakeholders better understand their data in a real-world context and collaborate with confidence to improve project outcomes.

The integration is now available, with Sensat working directly with customers to make the connection between their Oracle systems and Sensat’s SaaS platform a smooth experience.

“Over the last few years, we’ve learnt that the magic happens when we can see our project data within its real-world context. It is a very 'human' way of interpreting data. Sensat brings together design-engineering data from Aconex, schedules from Primavera P6 and, crucially, the real world. Our online application connects with existing digital engineering software and enhances the value of your data by providing a place that teams can rely on for the most up-to-date visualisation of their project.”—James Dean, CEO and Co-Founder at Sensat.

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