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Contextual Commenting Now Live in Sensat for Easier Collaboration and Coordination

December 3, 2021

A staple component of communication and collaboration in any online tool is being able to comment and respond. Without this it is hard to have instantaneous and remote interactions with team members, meaning immediate thoughts and messages about actions and decisions can be lost in translation.

Following its feature update in November, Sensat has added yet another industry-first feature to its platform with the launch of real-time commenting. Sensat users can now have back and forth conversations within a 2 and 3D visual environment to help coordinate teams, solve problems succinctly and exchange information faster.

Now comments and messages can be dropped on any area of a site map, allowing team members and stakeholders to discuss specific aspects of the site without having to be on-site physically. It also means colleagues can avoid having to look over each others’ shoulders on a computer screen to see and discuss projects; while removing the disjointedness of communicating outside of the platform within email or another messaging app, or even screen sharing when on a call.

By bringing all the information and commentary about a site and project into one place, users can share insights more easily and collaborate with stakeholders more effectively – steering clear of miscommunication and limiting messages being missed.

To be included in a conversation, team members simply tag colleagues who are then notified of any updates or replies. For example, commenting can be used when explaining to a team where materials can be stored or, when deciding what to do with a particular asset. It is also possible to tag markups in comments allowing colleagues to direct each other’s attention to what they represent. This provides even more unambiguous context. For example, a line markup representing a suggested route for a new cable system can be brought into a conversation in order to discuss the pros and cons of that design.

Commenting can even be used for planning, discussing risk reduction and answering questions— ultimately speeding up decision-making and issue resolution, and enabling more site clarity, decision confidence, and project certainty.

Sensat commenting feature

The visual aspect of Sensat commenting means you can remove any ambiguity around what is being discussed, save more time by avoiding unnecessary site visits and make remote working easier, removing the need for lengthy calls. Sensat breaks down communication barriers and increases productivity by becoming a hub for remote collaboration and coordination in one place.

To learn how Sensat can provide your teams with better site clarity, get in touch with our team of experts. Or if you would like to explore how to use this feature, check out the Knowledge Base for more information.