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Reduce infrastructure project risk with Sensat information visualisation in 4D

November 16, 2021

Unlock the power of information and increase project certainty with new Sensat features and ISO 27001 certification, including:

  • Project timeline—record plans, activities and progress over time.
  • Time-based markups—assign start dates and deadlines to marked-up activities for forward planning and project predictability.
  • Icons and labels—markup a site to flag risks, potential issues and logistical plans with greater context.
  • Fly to coordinates—create explorations of your site for powerful presentations.
  • Folders for all your data—organise data to easily find the latest surveys, markups and files for tasks.
  • ISO27001 certification—The International Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard for data protection.

London, UK – 16 November, 2021: Sensat, the leading visualisation and collaboration software company for civil infrastructure, today announced new industry-defining features to its platform, to help teams plan, build and manage construction projects.

Developed in partnership with its customers for some of the most critical and large-scale infrastructure projects today, Sensat’s new features help project managers build a time record across a site and project lifecycle, and plan time-based activities that increase confidence and clarity, but also improve forward planning capabilities. Flying between a site’s locations using coordinates and adding visually descriptive icons and markups is now possible within Sensat, providing more site context on conditions and constraints, and simplifying decision-making for stakeholders. While organising all project data into folders —from point cloud surveys to design files and boreholes to land ownership data—improves a team’s understanding of tasks and increases productivity.

These are amongst the latest tools to help project managers reduce risk and increase project certainty in the decisions and plans, alongside new video tooltips for an improved user experience. Sensat has also achieved the ISO 27001 certification, which underpins the robustness of its security management system and data protection processes and policies.

“We are continually developing the Sensat platform to meet the needs of our customers, allowing them to access and use all available site information to have more control of outcomes, reduce risk, limit unforeseen events and increase certainty in the delivery of their projects. Our Common Visualisation Environment® (CVE) surfaces the information users need when they need it, including BIM data, topographical and geospatial information, while keeping one record of the project that means everyone is on the same page with project plans and team communications,” said Sensat’s Chief Product Officer, Michele Battelli.

“Project managers and other stakeholders now have better context and clarity around activities on site. Our timeline feature helps them create a long-lasting record of plans, events and the reality of what has happened or will be happening throughout the project. In turn, this gives them more control over change orders or anything that can derail delivery time or budget.”

Until now, it was impossible to view a timeline of a site’s information including surveys, designs, markups and visual tags all in one place. When combined with Sensat Continuous, the capabilities of Sensat’s platform allow users to receive regularly updated survey data that provides a reality capture oversight of changes and project progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As a time record of all the project data is built, project stakeholders can visually compare site changes and progress, giving them more certainty of outcomes and helping them collaborate effectively to resolve issues and reduce risks.

iPad showing Sensat's digital twin platform

This is not all, upcoming Sensat features include:

  • Real-time comments on the canvas: platform users can have conversations in context within the platform’s 3D and 2D environments to solve problems and exchange information faster.
  • CCTV cameras integration: integrate time lapse and video feeds into projects from on-site security cameras, allowing users to monitor events in real time and providing access to live information.
  • Mobile app: Sensat mobile will allow users on site to collaborate more effectively with remote teams, tap into subject matters knowledge to resolve issues faster and report risks.

“Sensat is the most advanced decision-making platform to control risk and outcomes of a civil engineering project through powerful visualisation of a wide range of information and data that people can access anywhere from any device. As an assurance record, Sensat eliminates uncertainty from projects, meaning they can be delivered on time, on budget and more sustainably. This is the future of civil infrastructure,” concluded Battelli.