Get started with Sensat

Out of the box value in 2 weeks.

Your activation plan

Sensat gives you out-of-the-box value within 2 weeks. We work with you through three easy steps to realise immediate value.

Scope key decisions

Sensat generates powerful ROI across the entire asset lifecycle. We will work with you to:

✔️ Refine 3 tangible decision outcomes
✔️ Can be realised with immediate effect
✔️ Shown on a programme benefits roadmap
✔️ Explicit and implicit ROI
✔️ Timeline for achieving ROI

1 hour co-creation call

Build the context

Based on your decision outcomes, Sensat will check and help you build the context needed.

✔️ Integrates with all major software
✔️ Begin seeing your project within minutes
✔️ Gain insights and share learnings
✔️ Communicate with colleagues
✔️ Provide clarity for everybody involved

2 weeks end-to-end

Generate the value

Sensat supports you to make better decisions on an ongoing basis via Sensat Credits.

✔️ Sensat Credits included as standard
✔️ Cloud-based organisation with unlimited user license
✔️ Instant support (with a real person)
✔️ Works with your existing systems (ISO 27001)
✔️ Simple and easy to use for all stakeholders

Monthly ongoing

case study

Blog: What to expect as you get started with Sensat

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The best decisions are made together

Power the decisions that make your Infrastructure a reality.

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