Digital site replica of one of Lightrock Power’s solar farms layering designs and the point cloud in one view.

Case study overview


Lightrock power was in the process of designing multiple mid-sized solar farms across the UK in a bid to fuel the grid with greener energy. The team had 8 potential remote project areas, data sets held in disparate systems and no way to easily access real-world context.

Gaining approvals for solar farms is a key challenge faced in the solar industry. Subsequently, Lightrock Power partnered with Sensat to visualise all 8 proposed solar farm sites as digital site replicas. Layering designs, topographic CAD, and survey data in one common environment enabled teams to better understand the constraints, make faster design iterations, and improve decision certainty.

Case study

Learn how Sensat helped Lightrock Power to

  • See information from different tools in one place
  • More confidently make the right decisions
  • Access sites remotely
  • Better understand and communicate project plans

£36,000 saved

per year by minimising site visits.

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