Stay up-to-date with Sensat Continuous

Enhance your site view with automatic drone updates, camera feeds and live data. Without putting boots on the ground.

Trusted on critical infrastructure projects

See project progress over time

Customise the intervals of your data capture, providing you with an up-to-date digital replica when you need it.

Data collected and delivered to you without lifting a finger

Think about all the time, cost and resources spend on capturing new site data. With Sensat Continuous we will take care of everything ensuring that the data is readily available for you at the agreed time.

Jim Bushell, Survey and Monitoring Manager, MSVF

“We have been using Sensat to create regular and accurate site surveys, which have helped us quantify our earthworks movements”

Customise Sensat for your project

Sensat Certified reality scans bring your project to life with guaranteed accuracy in a digital environment.

The best decisions are made together

Power the decisions that make your Infrastructure a reality.

Sensat application screenshot