The five states of data in civil infrastructure eBook

eBook: The five states of data in civil infrastructure

Do you have an effective data-led strategy? Isolated and disconnected technology and data could be limiting your business.

This eBook uncovers how technology and data can be the most powerful tool in your toolbox, used for understanding, making decisions and informing interventions that help towards building smarter, safer and more sustainable infrastructure.

What you'll learn

  1. Data quality: The importance of data quality across the asset lifecycle—from capture to analysis.
  2. Data accessibility and visualisation: Why a platform provides data accessibility and visualisation to unlock project insight.
  3. Data integration: Why data integration improves business intelligence and decision-making.
  4. Data translation and understanding: How AI can lead to greater data translation and understanding.
  5. Data security: Why securing data will protect your business.

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