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3 ways to improve the construction planning phase

Unlock your data for a better understanding of your site

With the planning phase being the beginnings of a project it carries enormous weight: the better the planning phase and its outputs are, the more project certainty and profit there is at the end of the development cycle.

During this stage to help assess sites teams have multiple data sources, information and documentation available. But there is still a gap to bridge when it comes to unlocking the potential insights of all that information.

This ebook provides you with 3 steps on how you can improve the planning phase by increasing design quality and its robustness by utilising the available data accordingly.

Bonus materials:

  • Case study: How British Land and Amodal sped up the planning of the Canada Water master plan.
  • Project planning checklist: A printable page you can use to help improve
    your construction planning.

Read the full case study

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