Sensat News

The Technology Supporting the Rewilding Revolution

October 3, 2023

London, UK - 3nd October 2023: Sensat, the leading visualisation and collaboration software company for civil infrastructure, today announced its partnership with Wilderkind, the rewilding organisation on a mission to recover the natural world in Britain. Sensat will support Wilderkind with non-intrusive and regular visualisation updates of the rewilding site’s progress in the Somerset Levels.

Wilderkind and Sensat have partnered to support, capture and visualise a rewilding site in The Somerset Levels, owned and operated by the charity, Somerset Wildlands. Supplying regular UAV scans and visualising this information within Sensat’s visualisation platform, the team can test and evaluate the rewilding progress in the context of the real world. Sensat is also supporting Wilderkind to fund various projects at the 73-acre rewilding site, which will accelerate the recovery of the ecosystem.

The Somerset Levels were once a dynamic and abundant ecosystem, characterised as a shifting river delta comprising over salt marsh, wetland, forest and peatland areas and home to a host of creatures such as pelicans, beavers and wild cat. Over the centuries, the area has become ecologically depleted due to human intervention, principally draining for agriculture. Somerset Wildlands, in partnership with Wilderkind, aims to restore some of the life and wildness, building up wild stepping stones throughout the region. This should create a haven for aquatic life, insects, birds and amphibians, boosting bioabundance, biodiversity and storing carbon.

“At heart, Sensat is a group of explorers trying to figure out how our visualisation technology can help to analyse the world digitally. We can't always say exactly where we're going, but we hope that along this journey, we discover things that help us and others understand what's going on. And so, by creating this partnership, we start our exploration of how we can plan, visualise, and assess rewilding. So that companies invested in nature recovery and biodiversity increase can take environmental stewardship.” - James Dean, Co-founder and CEO at Sensat.

“We are pleased to partner with Sensat, not only because their membership will provide critical funds to regenerate the natural world, but also because their involvement in capturing and visualising the Somerset Levels will enable us to record the site’s journey of recovery in a new & insightful way. Wilderkind exists to accelerate nature recovery in Britain by offering businesses a tangible way to regenerate their local environment through rewilding. We share values around the importance of the environment, and look forward to showcasing the progress and power of rewilding through Sensat’s visualisations.” - Nick Allport, Founder & CEO of Wilderkind.