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Spotlight on Excellence: Celebrating Sensat's 2023 Award Winners and Their Outstanding Achievements"

December 7, 2023
On 30th November 2023, we hosted 60+ top users at its annual User day event. During the day several use cases were shared, an insightful panel discussion was held around “Innovation, Productivity & Sustainability”, and at the end, 3 awards were given out to highlight worthy Sensat users. This blog will celebrate our Award winners.

Top User - Jordan Darley, National Grid

rdan Darley stands out as the distinguished User of the Year. This remarkable accomplishment is attributed to his unparalleled engagement, having undertaken the most events on the Platform throughout the year. Jordan surpassed others in activity and emerged as a true champion on the platform, supporting us with rolling it out into their broader organisation. He’s taken time to champion Sensat and significantly facilitate its widespread adoption within his team. 

His impact extended beyond personal accomplishments; Jordan played a pivotal role in onboarding numerous individuals from his team, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration. Internally, he became a driving force, advocating for the platform's benefits and serving as a genuine super user.

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Use case of the Year - STEP, UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority)

In 2023 ‘STEP’ programme, a UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) project that will demonstrate the ability to generate net electricity from fusion has utilised Sensat for various use cases. The winning use case is in the context of monitoring decision-making for biodiversity net gain. UKAEA showcased their innovative approach to environmental constraints mapping and analysis by strategically incorporating these considerations into their site planning, uploading over 50 different datasets and visualising these together in one place for the first time. This exemplified the concept of biodiversity net gain by being able to highlight the most precious areas on a micro level across the 800-acre site. This demonstrated a cutting-edge use case and addressed the growing importance of sustainability in all projects.

The emphasis was on minimising the impact of the new site layout rather than simply offsetting it, ensuring a strategic and cost-effective approach.

Learn more about the STEP programme.  

Project of the Year - Boden, H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel, a trailblazing force in Sweden's clean industrial revolution, was spotlighted as the Project of the Year. They earned this recognition because they are the most active project within Sensat, with the largest number of users and the most Platform sessions.  The team operates between Stockholm and Boden, their site near the Arctic Circle, and due to this access constraint, they’ve taken a dedicated approach to use Sensat to understand their site remotely. This, in turn, has helped cut emissions in air travel and enhanced productivity and collaboration on the project.

Recently, we have seen some amazing use cases develop in logistics and site familiarisation, with team briefings running off Sensat to provide a visual. This has helped improve site and risk understanding, contributing to a safer work environment. In addition, Sensat is now Boden’s go-to tool for site logistics, with all contractors needing to submit their work zones via markups in Sensat. This allows the team at H2 Green Steel to understand works and mitigate any clashes between contractors visually. Sensat is presented in their weekly logistics meeting, where they can work through any issues and decide on the best plan before going to site. 

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