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Sensat integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud to bolster infrastructure decision-making

March 22, 2023

New integration from digital twin start-up helps automate information management and maximise decision confidence.

London, UK - 22 March, 2023: Sensat, the leading visualisation and collaboration software company for civil infrastructure, today announced its integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud® (ACC), a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. Through the integration, Sensat connects the dots between Autodesk’s common data environment (CDE) and Sensat’s Common Visualisation Environment® (CVE). The integration enables teams to easily send files from Autodesk® Build and Autodesk Docs into Sensat, so users can visualise key construction documents within their Sensat digital twin environment to facilitate more confident decision-making.

Civil Infrastructure is creating more data than ever before, which has huge potential to support decision-making. On large-scale civil-infrastructure projects, common data environments are the de-facto library of programme information, including numerous drawings and CAD models for the local environment, existing infrastructure, and proposed works. While they provide great tooling for approval workflows and version control, the data is not always easily accessible or understandable to everyone that may need it. When information remains hidden from teams, it is not being used to its full potential and project stakeholders run the risk of accidentally embedding errors into plans, resulting in delays and additional costs down the line.

Sensat’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud enables teams to benefit from the CDE’s single source of truth and information management. By aggregating information from Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs, including drawings, models and other documents, and translating it into a digestible visual scene, Sensat’s integration helps both technical and non-technical stakeholders better understand data sets in a real-world context and collaborate to improve project outcomes.

Sensat has been working with customers to demonstrate quantifiable programme benefits across cost, safety, sustainability and certainty.

“Confident decision-making can be difficult without a clear and accurate representation of project data,” said James Cook, director of integration partnerships, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Combining critical construction documentation from Autodesk Construction Cloud with Sensat’s digital twin technology will give project teams a detailed and up-to-date visualisation of their documents within a real-world representation of their jobsites. This integration will enable teams to unlock a better understanding of their data and empower more confident decision-making for project stakeholders.”

“Visualising data in a real-world context is a very 'human' way of interpreting data. Sensat’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s common data environment will help to inform digital twin environments that teams can rely on for the most up-to-date project view. This is the first of many integrations with CDEs, so watch this space.”—James Dean, CEO and Co-Founder at Sensat.

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