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Revolutionising Infrastructure Planning with Rapid Access to Aerial Data

January 24, 2024

Vexcel and Sensat Collaboration Delivers Next-Level Aerial Data Solutions Globally

London, UK - 24 January, 2024: Sensat, renowned for its geospatial visualisation and collaboration platform for infrastructure, proudly announces a partnership with Vexcel, a global pioneer in aerial imagery. This strategic alliance is poised to facilitate acquiring and utilising up-to-date data for civil infrastructure teams worldwide. It marks a leap in project planning accuracy and efficiency.

Getting hold of reality data for planning can be challenging because there's often nothing readily available. As a result, teams rely on out-of-date reality information sources to plug the gap. However, the data can be months and even years out of date. This can lead to inefficient planning decisions, escalating project timelines, and ballooning costs. Alternatively, slow, costly and labour-intensive surveys can be deployed to fill the data gap. Unfortunately, this is not always a viable option for projects when surveys can take many weeks for large sites. 

The Vexcel-Sensat collaboration presents a game-changing solution by providing quick access to current and detailed aerial imagery. This fusion of high-resolution aerial data with cutting-edge visualisation techniques equips teams with reliable and recent information to inform project planning.

The foundation of accurate, real-world data for project plans ensures decisions are made based on the most reliable and recent information. By merging high-resolution aerial data with advanced visualisation techniques, Sensat and Vexcel enable a more agile, informed, and efficient approach to infrastructure planning. This Sensat-Vexcel partnership marks the era in infrastructure planning where state-of-the-art technology dramatically enhances traditional processes.

"Accurate and timely data is the cornerstone of successful infrastructure planning. In the past, project teams were often constrained by the slow pace of traditional survey methods and outdated data. Our alliance with Vexcel leverages unparalleled aerial imaging technology with our advanced visualisation platform. We are equipping teams with the tools to make faster, better-informed decisions from the get-go," George Dey, Head of Data Partnerships at Sensat.

Jason Jones, Director - Channels and Alliances at Vexcel, commented on the collaboration: "Joining forces with Sensat is a significant milestone in our mission to provide better data for civil infrastructure. Vexcel's aerial imaging expertise, combined with Sensat's powerful visualisation capabilities, creates a synergy that will empower teams to navigate project planning with unmatched accuracy and speed. We believe this partnership will be a huge benefit across the entire industry."