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Top 3 feature releases from Q3

October 17, 2022

The team have been working on some exciting new updates last quarter. Hear from Product Manager, Aifric, who gives a roundup of our customers' favourite Sensat releases.

1. Learn more from your project data

At Sensat we are all about getting more from the data you already possess to help teams make better decisions. So, during the past quarter, we looked into new ways to enhance interactions with your data.

Walk around your site as if you were there

Our new 'look around' camera mode allows you to explore your project from a first-person perspective. Using this option you can walk around your site as if you were there in real life. Teams are finding this new camera mode particularly useful for viewing terrestrial captured data up close, and for navigating around indoor or enclosed spaces. For example, an engineer could remotely  ‘walk through’ a tunnel and look up and all around them, inspecting every aspect of the tunnel as if they were there in person. Using this mode to survey, engineers can identify signs of wear and tear such as cracking or water ingress, all while taking boots off the ground and keeping personnel away from danger.

Right-click to reveal the layers you are looking at

You can now quickly identify exactly what files you are looking at using a single right-click on your mouse. We understood that when multiple layers are turned on it is not always clear as to which files are showing. Now using your right-click you are able to seamlessly interrogate your project to reveal what is showing under your cursor. See how to use it here.

Sensat feature release: Right click to reveal layers in Sensat's platform

Take accurate measurements between your designs and models and the real world

Previously you could only take measurements or markup your survey data. Using this update you can now take accurate measurements between your survey data and your georeferenced design files (e.g. BIM models) or measure and markup the design files themselves. This is helping teams to better explore how models and designs would interact with the environment, plan around the asset and spot potential constraints before they impact the schedule of works. And, for teams using specialist software with expensive licences for their design work, this feature is helping to democratise data so that more users can unlock learnings from it.

Measure hight between your BIM and CAD models against the real world in Sensat

2. Plan in 4D

This quarter we have opened an early access programme to Primavera P6 Schedule Integration. Now you can visualise the schedule on a Gantt chart, link the activities to models to set their schedule dates, and step through the sequence manually or via ‘smart jump’ arrow buttons.

This is allowing project managers to visualise their programmes of work within the context of an up-to-date digital twin of their site—facilitating stakeholder communications and 4D planning activities. Having all of this information in one place makes it easier to present the construction schedule and gives team members an easy-to-understand visual format of plans to aid execution and streamline issue identification & resolution. Read more.

3. Keep teams on the same page

Save viewpoints

In the past it has been frustrating not being able to share exactly what you are looking at in the platform to convey ideas, comments or concerns. Now by saving a viewpoint, you can save exactly what you see on your screen for another user to also view and interact with. This stores your camera angle, layer and markup visibility, and timeline settings so that others can jump to where you are, helping keep everyone on the same page.

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