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How Project Managers can Improve Cross-Team Communication on Water projects

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February 27, 2024

Water sector Project Managers are at the helm, navigating through a sea of data sources and siloed, whilst communicating this between multiple disciplines and stakeholders. This includes communication with the ultimate decision-makers—project sponsors—who require clear, comprehensive updates to make informed choices.

Clear communication plays a huge role in delivering project success. Here's where innovation supports Project Managers to enhance communication channels during the planning phase, guaranteeing project success through design and communication. 

Challenges Project Managers face in delivering water projects:

“It’s difficult to communicate technical information to different stakeholders and disciples”

Project Managers are tasked with bridging the communication gap between various stakeholders and disciplines within your water project. This entails conveying technical information clearly to diverse audiences—ranging from design and engineering teams, to executive leadership, and local councils.

“I rely on reports from teams because data is held in different software by different teams”

Due to siloed systems and software requiring specialist training or licencing, Project Managers are tasked with digesting reports to gain insights, leading to information bottlenecks and hindering a unified view of project dynamics. This lack of integration often results in delays, misinformed decisions, and project inefficiencies.

“I need to justify my decisions to the Project Sponsors” 

Effectively communicating project expectations and securing necessary funding hinges on the project manager's ability to articulate complex challenges and justify decisions to project sponsors and financial backers. Without a coherent communication strategy, project managers can struggle to convey the technical intricacies of the project, leading to potential misunderstandings and jeopardising stakeholder support.

How Project Managers are improving communication using innovation

Creating a Holistic Project View

Project Managers are innovating cross-team communication by establishing a comprehensive project view. This entails creating environments that facilitate easy access to vital information and insights, transcending traditional data environments. Accessing information seamlessly without navigating through multiple software platforms is crucial for ensuring timely access to necessary information on a self-serve basis.

Creating an Environment for Stakeholder Collaboration

Foundational to this approach is enabling all stakeholders to access and contribute to the shared environment. Everyone must keep their area up-to-date, fostering collaboration across teams and disciplines. This collaborative foundation enhances cross-communication, prevents conflicts, and provides better holistic oversight, fostering team harmony.

Utilising the Power of Visual Storytelling

Project Managers are harnessing the power of visual storytelling for effective decision justification and building trust. Guiding project sponsors requires compelling presentations and justifications. Integrating visuals that offer real-world context of plans, updates, and decisions enhances understanding and alignment with project objectives.

The future of communication for the water industry

Clear communication is vital for project success, and innovation is crucial in enhancing communication channels during planning. By creating holistic project views, fostering stakeholder collaboration, and leveraging visual storytelling, Project Managers are overcoming communication barriers and ensuring project success through effective design and communication strategies.

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