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Collaborative Asset Maintenance That Delivers Confidence

December 22, 2021

How do you ensure that the infrastructure assets that you’re responsible for are being maintained and managed effectively?

When it comes to the condition of physical infrastructure, you probably have access to many information sources. Yet, for all the importance of reports and other data you receive, it’s only when you see all this asset information together can you really put it into true context, to get the clarity you need to drive decisions. Nothing beats being able to easily look at up-to-date, clear and detailed images and information of an asset, in one place, without having to request it or go on site.

So how about if all your team and stakeholders were also able to gain access to a highly accurate, photo-realistic 4D digital twin of your asset and sites? And how about if they were available on an accessible, easy-to-use platform, via a standard web browser, with a common visualisation environmentⓇ (CVE), where you can surface information as you need it, zoom in and out to get precise site detail, start a dialogue with colleagues and subject matter experts, and see all your past, present and future information in a timeline?

Suddenly, the need to regularly visit your sites goes away. You can become far more productive—take a quick look and check on the latest details and site changes whenever you like—all from the comfort of your desk. Think of the benefits when you apply that across your whole team. And think of the substantial cost savings and environmental implications when you cut out all those travel requirements.

Mitigating the downsides of site visits is only the start of what you can gain. Now you can connect all your data, projects, people and processes for improved visibility, control and confidence in a digital replica of your asset.

Plan maintenance works far more effectively

Sensat’s cloud-based visualisation and collaboration platform enables you to maintain all your key site information together, making it easier to spot potential problems and faults with your assets earlier, so you can address them before they become major issues.

Using Sensat’s camera feed integration you can view multiple images taken over time, monitor changes and investigate where deterioration started from, and so potentially improve your understanding of why it happened to make maintenance updates that are improved and last longer. Additionally, you can always have a clear view on your asset’s performance so you can manage operations, optimisation and risk management more effectively.

With one platform that digitally represents your asset, you can gain input from a much wider field of stakeholders and make the best possible decisions, based on more complete information and fuller context. Everyone gets the same umbrella view of your asset because anyone can gain access to that single source of accurate information and truth in a visually comprehensive format. You can also digitally rehearse any maintenance to make decisions, before the maintenance takes place in a live environment to control costs and avoid delays—all while staying on top of disputes, protecting staff and safeguarding the public.

You can also change your whole operating model from periodic meetings about maintenance to an ongoing dialogue, where people can respond immediately. The whole team can then collaborate within the platform using live commenting and so come up with more creative solutions to problems. You’ll also become better able to quantify the scale, risks and costs of maintenance and repair tasks.

Track maintenance progress

Having an up-to-date visual record of your asset enables you to see what progress has been made with ongoing projects.

You can collaborate more effectively with your engineers and contractors, giving them much clearer direction in the first place, and enabling them to work smarter and so reduce costs. You can also monitor their productivity more rigorously over time, and inspect the quality of their work—closely yet remotely.

Get into difficult-to-reach locations

With data of your asset captured regularly using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones), you can start inspecting asset areas regularly from any device anywhere, avoiding the expense and risks associated with sending people into difficult to reach locations. The extent and detail of what you can see will also enable you to dramatically reduce the number of manual site inspections necessary—again, reducing costs and promoting greater health and safety.

And, even where those inspections are still necessary, the platform will enable you to see areas in much clearer positions to understand the site hazards that do exist and how to handle them.

Respond faster to real-world events

This is especially powerful where damage has been caused by environmental factors—whether bad weather, natural disasters, collision, or other reasons. Being able to understand the extent of damage, without putting boots on the ground—especially in what might be an unstable site—has obvious benefits and means you can fix damage faster.

Build up a golden assurance record

Reduce your asset management overheads through increased automation, and also amass much greater independently verified information. That will help you demonstrate compliance and, over time, potentially improve your processes to make compliance easier.

Disputes over who owns ‘risk’ and ‘fault’ can also be resolved much more emphatically and with minimum hassle. Using Sensat you’ll be better able to reduce on-site risks, and also have compelling evidence to help you more easily defend negligence claims.

Transform your asset with Sensat

Sensat’s advanced 4D visualisation and collaboration platform gives you everything you need to monitor your asset sites.

Project teams and stakeholders will be able to use the intuitive platform with minimal support, enabling them to ‘remotely’ walk through all your asset locations with ease. You’ll also be able to save money on site visits while simultaneously improving access to those sites for a much wider field of users. Lastly, you can use your platform to consult the public on work and maintenance in a much more compelling and engaging way.

In one integrated platform you can essentially ​​connect everyone and everything across every stage of an asset’s lifecycle. Maintain the highest standards, and make the smartest decisions when it comes to operations, optimisation, risk mitigation and maintenance, so you can continually increase asset value and reduce boots on the ground.

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