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Collaboration Between Ordnance Survey and Sensat Will Redefine Standards of Data Visualisation

April 17, 2024

Sensat, one of the leading collaboration and visualisation platforms for civil infrastructure, has joined Ordnance Survey (OS)’s Channel Partner Programme, to help redefine data utility for infrastructure projects in Great Britain. The collaboration enables a transformative approach to the use of geospatial data, putting OS’s trusted and accurate data together with Sensat's ground-breaking platform, empowering customers with advanced visualisation capabilities.  

The partnership will enable Sensat to simplify and improve decision-making capabilities across various sectors, including energy, water, rail, highways, real estate and telecoms. This will redefine the standards of data utilisation and application for UK infrastructure by enabling stakeholders to navigate, analyse, and employ comprehensive datasets with ease and efficiency previously unseen in the industry. OS data and mapping will be uploaded and used as a base layer for infrastructure teams to layer their Computer Aided Design models and designs over. This is set to help Sensat’s customers access enhanced accuracy for their planning. The process will also help infrastructure project managers and planning teams anticipate constraints in projects earlier, to reduce waste in the sector and boost sustainability. 

Sensat supports over 50 Tier 1 infrastructure companies globally, including customers such as the National Grid – supporting the early stage planning and delivery of new and existing infrastructure as part of their ‘Great Grid Upgrade’. Civil infrastructure is already primarily coordinated using OS data thanks to its accuracy and reliability. By bringing OS data into Sensat, teams will be able to more confidently plan infrastructure, enabling precise, informed decisions for projects of any scale. 

Fakhar Khalid, Chief Scientist, Sensat, said: 

“We are exceptionally proud to partner with Ordnance Survey, a collaboration that sets a new benchmark in geospatial data quality and reliability. Ordnance Survey's unparalleled commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data accuracy and providing the most current geospatial insights ensures that our customers have access to a foundation of information that is both robust and dependable. 

“This partnership is about more than just data; it's about empowering our customers with the confidence to undertake projects of any scale, supported by the assurance that the data they're relying on meets the strictest standards of precision and compliance. For our customers who demand nothing but the highest levels of detail and dependability in their work, this partnership is a game-changer, ensuring that every decision is informed by the most accurate and up-to-date information available."

Gemma Jack, Channel Sales Executive at OS, said: 

“We are delighted to have Sensat Digital join us as an OS Licensed Partner, and I am looking forward to working with the team on ways in which they can utilise OS datasets to enhance their products and services, and add real value for Sensat customers.

“With mutual ambitions to make a difference in our environment and sustainability commitments, OS and Sensat Digital are well aligned and we are excited to see the ongoing results of our newly formed partnership.”

OS Channel Partners receive access to OS world-leading data products and services, to help them meet the requirements of their customers.  OS operates a share in success model where partners only return royalties once they have made a sale.  Sales are one area of the support OS offers channel partners, proactively supporting them with business development, promotional and marketing activity.   Additional technical and pricing and licensing support is also available to ensure the greatest value is obtained from our data.