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6 reasons your civil infrastructure project needs Leica TRK 700 data

November 3, 2022

We are excited to introduce the state-of-the-art Leica Pegasus TRK 700 mobile mapping kit to our industry-leading data capture fleet. We are the first in the UK to invest and possess this LiDAR mobile mapping unit in a bid to translate the world into a digital version. At Sensat, we have always been proud to invest in the most advanced equipment to create accurate representations of civil infrastructure project sites. Today, our accurate and detailed site visualisations of the world support decision-making by improving teams’ understanding of their environments.

Leica TRK 700

Highly accurate survey data for your civil infrastructure project

Today teams are using survey data to understand designs and plans in the context of the real world. Using a base layer of reality, teams are overlaying the project data they already have to better understand their project. You and your teams can inspect an advanced digital site replica of your site using Sensat’s visualisation platform, and using the Leica TRK 700 you can view your base map data with an 11 mm absolute accuracy, straight out of the box. This means engineering-grade measurements between models and the real world can be taken from any device, from anywhere. Putting an accurate view of the real world alongside your technical data means that you can spot constraints and resolve them before more concrete plans have taken place and set back your works plan. The mobile mapping unit will enable teams to better interrogate the data they already have so that rework can be prevented.

Using this level of accuracy teams are using their advanced digital site replica to reduce boots on the ground as they can see an accurate representation of their site. For example, using the Leica TRK 700, instead of putting workers on the ground for repeated nights to survey a highway, the Leica TRK 700 mobile mapping unit can be driven without restriction, in one shift,  to create a faster, safer and more accurate survey. This can be captured and processed in hours and days from the safety of a vehicle. In comparison, traditional methods would entail road closures, disturbance to the network and boots on the ground which can be slow, and pose both risk to life as well as a massive impact on project budgets. Using this piece of equipment teams can quickly access data with record-level accuracies without the time, risk or cost associated with traditional surveys.

Why your civil infrastructure project needs Leica TRK 700 data

This advanced LiDAR kit allows you to access engineering-grade accuracy laser scans along with super-high resolution images. Here are 6 reasons your civil infrastructure project needs Leica TRK 700 data:

1. 11mm absolute accuracy

11mm absolute accuracy without additional ground control, paired with 48mp inspection cameras so you can view an accurate representation of your project.

2. Fully GDPR compliant

With the integration of a brand new AI algorithm, the Leica TRK can blur all vehicles and people onboard before human interaction which ensures that this system is fully GDPR compliant as soon as the image is taken.

3. Data security

All information is encrypted and won’t leave the Pegasus TRK system, ensuring your data is safe from the get-go.

4. Data-rich imagery

A SmartFusion ‘butterfly’ camera system with up to 120MP integral view. Boosted with add-on front, side and rear pavement cameras, the additional cameras multiply the resolution, creating data-rich imagery.

5. View your site as it is in reality

Enhanced calibration delivers true colour imagery according to the CIEDE2000 colour-difference formula so that your scans can be visualised with best-in-class colour truth to bring your site to life as it is in reality.

6. Location accuracy down to the centimetre

The sophisticated integration of IMU and SLAM technology in Pegasus TRK’s sensor architecture enables georeferencing in challenging GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) denied environments. Precision RTK positioning gives location accuracy down to the centimetre, in real-time. The trajectory is improved when optical DMI accessories are installed on the back of the vehicle to measure the travel distance in GNSS challenging conditions accurately, avoiding the traditional slip error of wheel-based DMI.

Looking forward, Sensat’s aim for the Leica TRK 700 is to have it nearly constantly running as we digitise the UK.

Leica TRK 700

If you are interested in learning more about our data capture service to support your next civil infrastructure project, get in touch.