Sensat Platform Acceptable Use Terms

Last updated: June 2022

These Acceptable Use Terms set out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct and behaviour which users of Sensat’s cloud-based data visualisation platform (the “Platform”) are expected to abide by at all times when using and/or accessing the Platform.

Unless otherwise defined in these terms, defined terms shall have the meaning given to them in the User Terms of Access

When using and/or accessing the Platform, all Users must:

  1. comply with all User Terms of Access, including the provisions of these Acceptable Use Terms;
  2. use and access the Platform only in a professional and responsible way and in accordance with the relevant specifications and permissions associated with the relevant Platform tier subscribed for;
  3. comply with all laws, statutes, byelaws, regulations, orders, regulatory policies, guidance or industry codes, rules of court or directives or requirements of any regulatory body, delegated or subordinate legislation or notices of any regulatory body including, but not limited to, all intellectual property rights, data protection and privacy rights, and in each case relating to a User’s use of and/or access to the Platform;
  4. use and access the Platform only for the User’s own internal business purposes or operations (where applicable in the manner authorised by Sensat);
  5. only upload User Data which the User owns all required rights to and do so in accordance with applicable law;
  6. keep passwords and all other log-in information confidential;
  7. notify Sensat immediately if a User becomes aware of, or believes there has been, any breach of security of any of its information stored on the Platform, such as the theft or unauthorized use of user names, passwords, or any other information; and
  8. comply with any applicable terms of relevant third party applications integrated within the Platform.

When using and/or accessing the Platform, all Users must not:

a) introduce any virus, logic bomb, worm, trojan horse and any other type of disruptive, destructive, deceptive, or nuisance program or malicious code and any code that is operates to disable or interfere with any software or information technology systems (“Viruses”) into the Platform or Sensat's other systems or include any Viruses in the User Data;

b) upload or provide any materials which are obscene, offensive, harmful, or otherwise objectionable;

c) alter, disable, interfere with, or circumvent any aspect of the Platform, including any of the security features of the Platform, or do anything designed to affect its integrity or access to it;

d) test or reverse-engineer the Platform in order to find limitations or vulnerabilities, or for any other reason;

e) reproduce, modify, decompile, reverse engineer, or prepare derivative works of the Platform, or otherwise infringe any intellectual property rights in the Platform;

f) perform any indexing, scraping, or data mining of the Platform;

g) infringe any person's privacy rights, intellectual property rights, or other rights in the course of its use of the Platform;

h) access all or any part of the Platform in order to build a product or service which competes in any way with the Platform or copy any ideas, features, functions or graphics pertaining to the Platform;

i) make the Platform available to any third party except to authorised Users;

j) attempt to obtain, or assist third parties in obtaining access to the Platform, other than as provided for in the Contract; or

k) use contact or other user information obtained from the Platform (including email addresses) to contact Users outside of the Platform without their express consent, or to create or distribute mailing lists or other collections of contact or user profile information for Users for use outside of the Platform.

Please note that Sensat may, at its sole discretion and at any time, suspend access to the Platform without prior notice, and without liabilities of any kind, in the event of (a) a breach or suspected breach of these Acceptable Use Terms or User Terms, (b) if Sensat believes or becomes aware of any illegal, fraudulent, or unauthorised use of the Platform, (c) or in an emergency, and/or to safeguard the integrity and security of Sensat's network or systems, and/or to maintain, repair, or enhance the performance of Sensat's network or systems. Sensat may, at its sole discretion, terminate access to the Platform without prior notice, if Sensat has suspended access to the Platform in accordance with these Acceptable Use Terms and has not been able to reinstate it within ten (10) business days following the initial suspension having exercised reasonable efforts to do so where appropriate.

Contacting Sensat

Please contact us if you have any questions about these Acceptable Use Terms. You may contact us at or at the address below:

Sensat Digital Limited

15 Ironmonger Row

London EC1V 3TJ

United Kingdom

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