Case Study

Network Rail and Osborne ramp up work to make stations more accessible by capturing site data remotely

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Case study overview

The project

Network Rail’s ‘Access for All’ programme aims to provide an obstacle-free, accessible route to and between platforms at stations across the country that were not originally designed with people with reduced mobility in mind— making it safer for everyone who visits these. As part of the scheme, Sensat along with partner Osborne, were commissioned to conduct a topographical survey of four stations. The data, which was made accessible on Sensat’s visualisation platform, serves as a single source of truth (SSOT) and a powerful tool for stakeholder engagement when making decisions on station development.

The Solution

Sensat safely captured the required data in just two days. In Sensat’s visualisation platform, it’s possible to get access to all above and below ground data and information, including: geospatial and topographic site information, buried services and below-ground utilities, masterplan models and BIM integration, residential structures, and all engineering design information for the associated infrastructure.

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