Case Study

“I want to get more value from the data that we already possess”— National Grid Connections team

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Substation designs visualised over National Grid LiDAR data alongside constraints.

Case study overview

National Grid Connections teams leverage Sensat’s visualisation platform to support virtual siting studies and option selection for substation upgrades.

National Grid Energy Transmission need to conduct a siting study for a new UK-based substation in Navenby, Lincolnshire.

National Grid has vast amounts of information available to support their projects. However, this information is:

  • Stored in different platforms which require specific licensing
  • Held in various formats, including PDFs and on paper maps
  • Managed by other teams.

On top of that, the team possesses excellent LiDAR data but struggles to access and view it. In response, the Connection teams sought a solution to open access to their information earlier to meet their deadlines.

Learn how National Grid are getting more value from the data that they already possess using Sensat.