Case Study

National Grid rules out inaccessible options earlier during siting study

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Substation designs visualised over National Grid LiDAR data alongside constraints.
Key benefits

Learn how we helped National Grid to

Get more value from their data.
Rule out inaccessible options earlier to focus time on the viable options.
Turn technical problems into a common language for non-technical stakeholders to understand.

Case study overview

National Grid Energy Transmission need to conduct a siting study for a new UK-based substation in Navenby, Lincolnshire. The project team faces tight delivery deadlines and has a large study area to assess for siting and optioneering.

Looking for an innovative solution, the Transmission Owner partnered with Sensat.

Front-end loading Sensat’s web-based platform with important data, theTransmission Owner has visualised an interactive 2D and 3D environment of the study area, its immediate real-world surroundings and constraints. Using this, teams collaboratively assess designs in context from their desktops.

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