Case Study

National Grid is keeping workers safe during the pandemic with visualised 3D power station data easily accessible from home

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Highly accurate 3D digital model of substation including design data within Sensat’s visualisation platform.

Case study overview

The project

To support National Grid in completing a design feasibility study for a new power cable route during lockdown, Sensat undertook a remote drone data capture survey of the land adjacent to Didcot Power Station.

With concerns project development could be delayed due to limited land access during the pandemic, National Grid’s project team not only needed an alternative survey method but also a way to visualise 3D data easily and quickly at home.

The solution

Sensat offered its cloud-based, visualisation platform for free to those in the AEC industry as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this initiative users from National Grid, and consultants at Jacobs, used Sensat’s visualisation platform as a way to access accurate, up-to-date 3D data remotely from any device via a web-based application.

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