The secret to Barking Riverside Extension’s optimised works delivery using Sensat

Barking Riverside 3D digital twin


Responsible for the Barking Riverside London Overground extension, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure and Volker Fitzpatrick joint venture (MSVF) needed to deliver a 1.5-kilometre viaduct, terminus station and a new railway line, as well as modify and realign existing Network Rail operational infrastructure.
With a tight build schedule, MSVF contracted Sensat from 2020 to 2023 to create a collaborative ‘digital twin’ of the Barking Riverside London Overground extension. The team accessed monthly progress updates of the site to better understand the project’s constraints and empower decision certainty.

Learn how Sensat helped MSVF to

  • Bring information from different tools together
  • Keep subcontractors and stakeholders on the same page
  • Plan with more safety and certainty using digital rehearsals
  • More confidently make the right decisions

Estimated £500,000 savings using Sensat


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"We have been using Sensat to visualise the Barking Riverside London Overground extension to keep all subcontractors and stakeholders aligned and on the same page. With Sensat we can gain a holistic understanding to make the best decisions."
- Jim Bushell, Survey and Monitoring Manager at MSVF

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