Introducing Sensat rescan

Regular drone surveys with
simple pricing tailored for you. 

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Hassle-free regular
project monitoring

Need to know more about your project’s progress? With repeat drone topographic survey scans from Sensat, you can get real-time oversight of changes to your project on a daily, weekly or monthly basis—whatever works for you.

Immediately access all your data in our cloud-based visualisation platform, to understand, evaluate, monitor and report on your project, all from in place.

Fast, accurate surveys

Access the highest-quality drone data in days not weeks.

Simple pricing, multiple scans

Tailor your payment model for multiple scans across any infrastructure project.

Data in one place

Easily monitor and track project progress in one place without being on site.

Unlimited user access

Data access for all anytime anywhere for faster decision-making

Accessible topographical data for all your project needs

Easily monitor your site regularly—no matter how complex your project is—for more efficient processes and a safer infrastructure environment.

Monitor progress tracking, manage maintenance, and get a greater comprehension of environmental changes, hazardous conditions and moving parts, while also collecting data for recovery, dispute resolution assurance and compliance.

With regular rescans, give all project stakeholders access to the latest data to understand project status and progress.

How it works

Simply sign up for Sensat rescan, and receive regular survey data of your project and sites for hassle-free change and progress tracking.

  • Speak to our team about your project and why Sensat surveys and rescans maybe be right for you.
  • Based on your project requirements we will quote for your first survey / regular rescans

  • Simple pricing model to get started and quickly understand more about your project.
  • Regular scans delivered and visualised hassle-free without your team ever needing to go on site.

  • Data delivered in Sensat's cloud-based visualisation platform—anytime access to project data in one place.

Sensat Rescan puts simplicity and safety in regular drone surveys

Try Sensat rescan today and get more value from your project data.