Price match promise

We guarantee to price match and beat the data delivery times of our competitors to keep civil infrastructure moving

Get back to normality post
the COVID-19 lockdown

Sensat is committed to ensuring all projects are delivered on time and on budget with as little disruption as possible.

To support your project, Sensat will match officially-quoted competitor prices and guarantee to beat all data delivery times. Minimising risk and maximising value are paramount, so this is a chance for organisations to switch to data capture with Sensat to enable their remote teams to continue working and reduce downtime.

How to claim

You will need to provide us with the following information in order for us to process and consider your price match request:
  • A copy of the officially quoted offer (including the price and nature and scope of services) received from the competitor

  • Where and when you found the services advertised or quoted

  • The time frame, if not already included in the officially quoted offer, indicated by the competitor to carry out and deliver the services.

Please provide all requested information to or, directly to your Sensat representative/contact, ensuring that any correspondence refers to “Sensat price matching offer”.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours and reserve the right to request additional information.​


    • Available for new and existing projects


    • Price match offer will run throughout the period the UK Government enforces social distancing measures whereby sites are recommended to be closed or on lockdown


    • Price match offer is open to UK companies and operations only


    • Price match offer does not impact or concern existing contracts; however existing clients and projects can make use of the offer for future and upcoming project requirements


  • Price match offer can be used alongside Sensat’s offer to make its cloud-based software, free for 6 months, but cannot be used in conjunction with Sensat’s £500,000 fund to ensure continuity of information. For further details on each of these two offers, please see here.

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“The speed of data capture over a large survey area has significant cost benefits over the more traditional survey techniques”
Andrew Vipas
Project Manager at BAM Nuttall

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The small print

  1. We must be able to verify the price being officially quoted or offered by the competitor to our satisfaction.

  2. All official quoted competitor costs and time deliverables must be within +/- 10% of Sensat’s customary pricing model index and we will not match hidden or offline prices or rates extended elsewhere, nor will we match the price if it is part of a wider package or bundle of services.

  3. For the purposes of this offer, a “competitor” must trade on the same basis as Sensat and will not include sole traders (either operating via a limited company or other corporate vehicle or otherwise).

  4. We will not match competitors who are closing down or who are in administration, receivership, or any analogous proceedings.

  5. The officially quoted and offered price must relate to an identical data capture scanning service and must be given at the time of the offer. Our price match offer does not apply retrospectively.

  6. The price match offer only relates to the price quoted and we will not consider service-based promotions (including, but not limited to, extended warranties).

  7. The competitor must be able to carry out the services in the same timeframe in which Sensat can.

  8. If circumstances outside of Sensat’s control, including, but not limited to, official government policy or changes in laws and regulations, prevent us from providing our services, our price match offer will not apply and we will be relieved of our obligations and liabilities.

  9. We reserve the right to withdraw our price match offer at any time.

  10. All price match offers are carried out at the absolute discretion of Sensat and these terms and conditions are not intended to be, and shall not constitute, a binding or enforceable agreement between the parties, nor are they intended to impose any obligation whatsoever on Sensat.