Planning certainty with options confidence

Easily understand your infrastructure project constraints with all your project information in one place, for accelerated planning decisions, option selections and approvals that lead to increased project confidence.

Faster, more informed planning

We understand the challenges large-scale infrastructure projects face—the pressures to deliver faster, smarter and to budget, with the certainty that sacrifices aren’t being made along the way.

As an options selection platform, Sensat helps you take action and accelerate your options and feasibility identification, selection and overall programme’s progress with a real-time virtual replica of past, present and future site information. 

With a complete site record, you can plan and understand a project’s constraints, that leads to increased programme certainty and confidence.

I pay Sensat for cost certainty. And it doesn't matter because the cost of reworks and mistakes would far exceed the initial investment. It’s much better to mitigate those risks by having better information earlier on.”

Thomas Whiting, Managing Director at Amodal

All your information in one place

Immediately access all your site information from any device to make fast planning decisions.

Engage and collaborate with subject matter experts by “bringing the site” to them, opening the door to higher-quality project plans.

Accelerate successful consents and approvals during early project stages by making information available to key stakeholders.

Solve problems faster

Increase your overall programme awareness of site conditions, constraints, and any blockers with one site record.

Build a comprehensive risk register of flagged problems and pitfalls—including environmental impact, hazards, errors, missing information, etc.—to propose, delegate and implement solutions faster. 

Get more site clarity and better understanding of project feasibility that results in options selections that mitigates delays down the line.


Option identification with confidence

Collaborate and convey messages easily within the platform for more informed feedback, fewer iterations and more effective decisions.

Work with teams to build creative solutions that flow through to more refined options, cost and time estimates that accelerate option selections and approvals.

The right products for you

For all your site information upfront, that reduces uncertainty and boost programme confidence we recommend Sensat Pro and Sensat Certified during the planning stage:

For a monthly fee, Sensat will provide technical and informative support throughout the length of the options identification phase. There is a one-time setup fee for Sensat Pro, (which covers the costs associated with capturing site data, and is relative to the size of the area). If you choose to, you can update your service to Sensat Certified® to receive data quality.

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