Plan more collaboratively. Make better decisions, faster.

Sensat’s collaborative digital environment replicates the reality of your site, creating a complete and in-depth understanding of the options, opportunities and constraints. Together with your stakeholders, you can select the option and plan that’s right for you.

Trusted on critical infrastructure projects

The right information. All in one place.

Combine a wide range of data sets to see the full context of your options. Allow designers to make faster, more effective decisions with the right data and right option more visible than ever.

Evaluate options. Reduce Risk.

Fully understand the detail and constraints of the site to choose the most effective plans with the least risk. All without having to step foot on site.

Accelerate planning decisions. Select the right option.

Speed up option selections and approvals by testing feasibility and designs against a real-world backdrop of your project.

See the project you want to build. Before you build it.

More than just a 3D environment. Sensat is a view into the future. By contextualising information into a digital twin that mirrors your site in the real world, you can design and amend your plans in context as if in real life. Future-proofing your plans from day one.

Collaborate in one complete solution.

The most complete solution for you and your stakeholders. Sensat puts everyone together on the same page, whilst combining all of the necessary information. Decisions can be made faster and with more accuracy. Making the planning process easier for all.

Remove future risks. Right from the beginning.

From project planning to project delivery, unforeseen risks are a major concern. Sensat reduces the cost of time, money and danger to workers by making constraints and risks more visible than any other platform.

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See how Sensat can simplify the planning process

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£20M saved by employing enhanced clash detection on Canada Water

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Sensat helps you see what’s possible

Gain competitive advantage

Achieve a true understanding of your site from day one to spot the risks and opportunities that will help set you apart. Accurate proposals with competitive pricing to unlock your winning bid.

Win with Sensat

Track your build in real-time

Sensat lets you and your team track the project as it progresses on time and on budget. Increase productivity and manage changes safely, effectively and with assurance.

Build with Sensat

Manage more efficient operations

Monitor the condition of your asset remotely and in real-time. Optimise necessary maintenance with easy collaboration and digital rehearsals to improve efficiency and reduce unforeseen safety risks.

Manage with Sensat

The best decisions are made together

Power the decisions that make your Infrastructure a reality.

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