See site conditions with more clarity to build with more confidence and certainty

As the manager, controller or coordinator of a construction project do you have enough clarity and context on your site? How up-to-date is the latest site information you have, and does it tell you what you need? What are you doing to understand more about the site, its conditions and constraints, track project progress and mitigate tomorrow’s unnecessary costs and risks?

Capturing and accessing information from and about your construction site—sometimes due information silos, effort and cost—can often mean just enough information is available to carry out work and necessary for compliance. Knowing what work’s been completed, what work needs to be done, and understanding crucial activities can be a laborious task—and anything that is missed can cost you time and money, which is a constant challenge.

It can take days, weeks or even months for information to filter through. And answers to your questions might well be out of date by the time they reach you. You probably have all kinds of data, provided by different sources, in all kinds of different formats, and all in different locations. All with various activities and outcomes recorded differently. Some might simply be on paper and others may be in digital formats ranging from basic PDFs and DOCXs, that anyone can open, to systems you have to log in to or you don’t have the necessary experience to use.

Attempts to coordinate everything and everyone, and make good decisions along the way are made even harder by shift patterns, remote work, and the sporadic nature of information becoming available. The key is to be able to unlock the necessary information when you need it, to get complete project clarity and confidence that enables you to make the right decisions and de-risk without delay.

Build on a foundation of solid knowledge

Sensat’s visualisation and collaboration platform gives you an absolutely reliable source of up-to-date information that anyone can access, at any time, via any standard web browser. Simply log in to your site or project to gain access to a highly detailed digital twin in a common visualisation environmentⓇ (CVE), and photo-realistic 3D plan of your site that’s accurate to 50mm—this data can be refreshed as often as you like, and can be integrated with past, present and future data and information to get a complete and clear picture of your project.

You can track site progress over time in precise detail, zoom in and out, make accurate measurements, leave mark-up notes on the images, integrate site camera feeds, and read and comment on those notes left by colleagues, while making your own.

React quickly to problems and minimise their additional costs

With margins of typically just two-thirds of one percent, most general contracting businesses can’t afford to let any problems lie. The Sensat platform gives you a clear ‘umbrella view’ of all the latest activity and site conditions.

You can spot design problems, clashes or project management errors, for example, as soon as they start to appear. You can follow the progress—or lack of it. You can see the impacts of bad weather or accidents, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your site—with eagle-eyed detail—without having to be on-site, to help you make the best decisions about what to do.

Additionally, you can bring in your best talent to help with those decisions and involve specialists from different areas that might otherwise be working in isolation. Anyone you need and invite can log in at any time, to look at exactly the same site view—so you can gain input from your wider team, whatever on or their working patterns.

Digital twin of platform and railway

Forget the expense and fallibility of manually collecting site information

The costs of automated data capture pale into insignificance compared with manual information collection, and bring with it wider benefits of visualisation capabilities with Sensat.

Manual information collection eats up time, so requires extra people, and may create the need for travel to and from the site—all of which costs you money and increases your carbon footprint. However, without the right information at your fingertips mistakes are common especially if information isn’t communicated properly. The resulting lack of visibility, and lack of confidence in the data, leads to uncertainty, delayed decisions and yet more additional costs. With all site information you need in one place, then you can build confidence in your decisions and more certainty in your project.

Build up a golden assurance record

Sensat gives an indisputable and highly detailed visual record of the build site, showing works that are complete, pending and incomplete.

Moreover, advanced features of the Sensat platform—such as its timeline capability—mean that you can zoom in on detailed 3D visualisations of exactly the same views on different dates. This allows you to track progress, and see exactly what happened and when. This can also become your indisputable assurance record for any potential compensation events.

Optimise your use of resources

With easy access to such clear and up-to-date site visuals and information, you can continually refine your logistics and site activity plans.

You’ll be better able to understand physical site constraints for more accurate logistics and planning and give your people the information they need to quickly and decisively react to ever-changing circumstances. And you’ll become better able to optimise specific work activities—earthworks and masshaul, for example—by rehearsing them in the platform, and based on operational forecasts, such as weather, plant productivity or resource procurement.

You’ll be able to more accurately measure, verify and evidence all works completed, for billing purposes, so you can stay properly on top of your cash flow.

The Sensat platform enables you to bridge the gap between your engineers and site teams. That means better communication and fewer errors—to reduce risk and waste, and also boost on-site safety.

Improve health and safety performance

You can dramatically reduce health and safety incidents by reviewing and making decisions within the platform and not requiring people to go into potentially dangerous environments. Rather than putting boots on the ground, you can mitigate unknown risks posed by site conditions with a digital walkthrough, so you can identify and flag any hazards that could cause compensation events or project delays further down the line.

As your golden assurance record, showing the state of the site at any time, it can also help you to increase your effective recovery rate for compensation events—which is typically only around 30%.

Transform your build projects with Sensat

Sensat’s advanced 4D visualisation platform gives you everything you need to mitigate risk during the build phase of your projects, while also monitoring progress, scheduling activity better, responding to problems faster and maximising your operating efficiency. You don’t need any advanced technology or skills to use the platform, as it’s all hosted in the cloud, bringing everything and everyone together in one place to boost productivity, project clarity and decision confidence all with more certainty.

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