Manage assets collaboratively and confidently

Connecting all your data, projects, people and processes for collaborative asset management in one platform.

Increasing infrastructure asset value

Streamline management over the lifetime of the asset with a comprehensive picture of all your asset in one place, that allows you to properly evaluate options and make the best asset management decisions. 

As an asset management platform, apply best practices across your projects with information at your fingertips to continually improve asset value and take action when needed. Plus, have increased clarity on future needs of upcoming project.

“This capability has seen the innovative and safe deployment of drone technology in close proximity to Heathrow Airport, demonstrating the value that drone [data] can bring to the early stages of this complex, major infrastructure project.”

Emma Gilthorpe, Executive Director, Heathrow

Centrally manage your data in one place

Manage dozens of teams, hundreds of employees and thousands of data points across multiple projects in one platform, getting a centralized view of your asset across sites, in real-time to align activities, people, process and project timelines and budgets.

Predict better to mitigate risk

Predict and prepare for potential risks and uncertain circumstances with the utmost confidence, with both historical and update-to-date insights and information in one place, overlayed with high-quality data, your teams can all connect and collaborate with.

Control costs, mitigate delays and stay on top of disputes, while protecting staff and safeguarding the public—all from the comfort of a centralized platform.


Collaborate across all disciplines

Promote cross-functional collaboration and innovation with an easy-to-use interface that all those involved in a project can understand—from planners, councils engineering consultants to contractors and subcontractors. For example, Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) can be managed within the Sensat platform, and should any changes occur, the right people will be able to see it and address it, in real-time.

The right products for you

Our goal is to support you as you manage your asset. Will proactively scan your site and deliver Sensat Certified data within Sensat Pro. For continuous up to date information will provide you with Sensat Continuous for a monthly fee throughout the lifetime of your aset. 

Our team will get you started with a thorough on-boarding training, followed up with additional data synching to help you make your build more successful

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