Taking a snapshot

The snapshot tool enables you to take a clean screenshot of different views in your project for use in presentations, meetings, collaborating with team members and more.

Snapshots automatically have all menu bars removed so that you only see the image of the site with no distractions.

N.B.The snapshot tool is available in both 3D and 2D.

1. Navigate to the snapshot icon on the left-hand toolbar.

Locate the snapshot tool in the left hand toolbar

2. Click the button to get a snapshot of your current screen. This will be saved for downloading in the UPLOADS panel.

3. To locate your snapshot file click VIEW on the progress panel that appears in the bottom left-hand corner:

Take the snapshot and view its progress

Or navigate directly to the UPLOADS panel and type snapshot in the search bar. The most recent snapshot will be found at the bottom of the list.

View your snapshot in the uploads panel

4. Select the desired snapshot and press on the download button. The snapshot will be downloaded in a .png format.

Download your snapshot to your device

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