Share your view

Using the viewpoint tool

The viewpoint tool allows you to create a link to share the current view of your project with your team members.

1. Select the viewpoint icon on the left-hand toolbar.

Select the share view icon on the left hand tool bar

2. Click COPY in the pop-up box.

3. The link can then be shared with anyone with access to the project.

Share your viewpoint with other team mates

4. To access the link a user will be taken to exactly the same view as you, allowing you to discuss particular aspects of the site knowing you are looking at the same thing. You can also use this link yourself to refind certain features at a future date.

N.B. If the user is not logged in, they will first have to log in to access the link.

Share your view of markups

Share your markups and current viewpoint with your team to power communication in context.

1. Navigate to or create your desired markup and click on Share item.

Share your view of a markup

2. In the pop-up window, enter the email addresses of the team members you would like to share your markup with and enter a message if required.

3. Click Share to share your markup

Share the view with your team

4. Alternatively, click Copy link to share a link with a team member outside of the platform

Taking a snapshot

Take a screenshot of different views in your project for use in presentations, meetings and more.

Comments: creating a comment

Discuss important project details with your colleagues by starting comment threads.

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