Sensat allows you to control renderer settings to optimise your experience across a range of devices.

Point cloud quality slider

As your project loads, you will notice that Sensat loads point clouds in sections, but sometimes there is more data than is possible to display. In these cases, we limit the number of points shown.

The Point cloud quality slider enables you to control this yourself; display more data on a faster, high end device or less data on a slower, legacy device.

We have 6 settings from low to high. The low setting would mean we will load the point cloud less densely thus using less machine power. And the high setting means we will load the point cloud more densely. We recommend one of the Medium settings as the optimal level for most devices and situations. Once you have entered your desired setting, it will be remembered for each device you use to access the platform in the future.

Using the point slider

1. Navigate to settings and click on Performance settings which can be found by clicking your avatar

Navigate to performance settings

2. Hold and drag the point cloud quality slider to the desired setting

Adjust the slider

3. Click Save to save your settings

N.B.Your settings will now be saved and remembered for each device you use to access the platform in the future.

Transparency slider

Adjust the transparency of your point clouds to get a clearer view of your project.

Viewpoints: share a viewpoint

Share your viewpoint and markups.

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