Measure: cross sectional profiles

1. Select the height profile icon in the left-hand toolbar.

Select the height profile tool from the right hand navigation panel

2. Navigate to the desired area of your project.

3. Perform a single-click to select the first point in the height profile, then unclick.

4. Move the cursor across to your second point, and click again to lay down the first part of your line. If you want to create a multi-point line repeat this action until you are done.

5. Double-click on the final point to finalise your height profile.

6. The distance and maximum elevation will be saved as a post in the Uploads and Markups panel.

Explore the cross sectional profile in the markups panel

Measure: distances and angles between points

Measure the distance and angles between selected points.

Measure: heights of any point on site

Measure the elevation, height and vertical incline degree between selected points within your project.

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