Markup: editing markups

After you have created your markups, there are a variety of different ways you can edit them until you are happy with them.


1. Add extra information to your markups such as a description, or by adding attachments.

2. Edit the name of the markup from its generic title to a name that will give it more meaning to other members of your team.

N.B. You can only add extra information to markups you created.

Double click to edit your markups title and description

Repositioning points

1. Navigate to the point in your markup that you would like to reposition.

2. Single-click and drag the point to the new desired position in your project.

3. The measurement data on your markup will automatically update.

Adding new points

1. Navigate to the section of your markup where you would like to add a new point and hover over until you see a white point tooltip.

2. Then single-click on the line to add the new point.

3.The measurement data on your markup will automatically update.

Markup: navigating your markups

Quickly filter and sort your markups to find the one you are looking for.

Viewpoints: share a viewpoint

Share your viewpoint and markups.

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