Markup: bulk editing, moving and organising markups

To edit, move or organise multiple markups at once:

1. Open the Uploads / Markups panel in the left hand toolbar.

2. Click on the Select button in the panel options.

Sensat digital twin platform

3. Selection boxes will appear beside each of the markups.

4. Select the items you would like to edit or move.

Sensat digital twin platform

To select all of the  markups which are visible in the panel (note: the filters or search bar can control which markups are visible), click on the selection box at the bottom of the panel:

Sensat digital twin platfrom

Standard keyboard shortcuts* can also be used to rapidly select multiple markups.

5. Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the panel. You will be presented with the following options to edit, organise or move your markups:

  • Create a new folder
  • Add to an existing folder (if applicable)
  • Remove from folder (if applicable)
  • Make visible to project (if applicable)
  • Make visible to you (if applicable)
  • Delete
  • Apply icon
  • Apply colour
Sensat digital twin platform

N.B Some things to note:

  • You cannot delete someone else’s markup.
  • You cannot move someone else’s markup to personal, i.e. make it visible only to you.
  • You cannot move someone else’s markup to an existing folder that is in your personal area (thereby making it visible only to you).

*Keyboard shortcuts

To select multiple items that are adjacent: click the first item that you want to select, press the shift key and hold it down, click the last item and release the shift key. All items between the two selected items will be selected.

Folders: managing folders

Edit the groupings of files as your project evolves

Markup: deleting a markup

Delete a markup from your project

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