Folders: creating folders

Adding your uploads and markups to folders in the Uploads / Markups panel allows you to keep your project organised and curated to your liking. It also allows you to easily hide a group of uploads or markups with one click making it quick and easy to view only the aspects of the project that you are interested in. 

Creating folders

1. Open the Uploads / Markups panel in the left hand toolbar

2. Click on the Select button in the panel options.

Select the files you want to group

3. Selection boxes will appear beside each of the uploads or markups.

4. Select the items you would like to be grouped into a folder and click on the New folder button.

View the files you have selected to be grouped

5. The newly created folder will appear in the panel. It can be renamed to reflect its contents.

View the files in the folder

N.B. Some things to note when creating folders:

  • Folders can contain uploads or markups but they cannot contain both.
  • If you add your private markups to a project level folder the markups will become project level too and so viewable by your colleagues.
  • Folders created with only your personal markups will be personal to you.
  • There are no restrictions on who can create folders with content at the project level.

Folders: managing folders

Edit the groupings of files as your project evolves

What file types can I upload?

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