Comments: resolving comments

1. Navigate to the comment you want to resolve by clicking on a comment icon on the canvas or locating the comment in the panel.

2. Click the ‘Resolve thread’ button on the top right corner of the comment details panel.

Resolve your comment with Sensat

N.B. Resolving a comment thread will remove it from the ‘Open comments’ list and remove the comment icon from the canvas. It will also send an email notification to all tagged users.

3. To find resolved comment threads, open the comment list panel and use the filter drop-down at the top right corner to select ‘Resolved threads’. This will change the list to display only resolved comment threads.

Resolve your comments with Sensat

4. Reopening threads can be done by either clicking the ‘Thread resolved’ button at the top right, or sending a new comment reply.

Comments: replying to comments

Have back and forth conversations in Sensat's platform.

Comments: creating a comment

Discuss important project details with your colleagues by starting comment threads.

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