Comments: creating a comment

Discuss important project details with your colleagues by starting comment threads in Sensat. Commenting is a great way to share updates, discuss features and resolve issues in real time aided by the visual representation of your site.

N.B. Comments can be started at any position on the canvas and it is easy to tag your colleagues so they will be included in the conversation. Comments are visible to everyone in your project but only the colleagues that are tagged will be notified of updates.

Creating a comment

1. Select the comment tool by clicking on the comment button on the top of the left-hand menu.

Select the comment button in the top left of your screen

2. Drag the comment bubble to the position on the canvas that you would like to have a discussion about and drop the comment in place with a single click.

N.B. This can be done in both the 3D and 2D environments.

Drag your comment bubble into position

3. Type your message. Use the @ symbol to @mention colleagues and markups to tag them in the comment.

4. Press the paperclip button to attach an image (jpeg or png) or a file (pdf).

Creating a comment in Sensat

5. Press Save to post your comment. The comment will be saved in the Comments panel and any tagged colleagues will be notified. 

N.B. Any comment you create will be accessible from both 3D and 2D irrespective of where you first created the comment.

Comments: replying to comments

Have back and forth conversations in Sensat's platform.

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