The Sensat timeline is an easy way to monitor the changes happening on your project site. It not only allows you to keep track of progress over time, but it also allows you to make plans for the future that can be shared with your colleagues.

Navigating the timeline

The timeline is set to a monthly view, selecting the current month by default. Simply click through the tabs to switch from month to month. To see a month not currently in view, use the arrow buttons to move the timeline to the left or the right.

The timeline can also be viewed in weeks. Use the dropdown menu to select weeks instead of months.

Monitoring progress

If Sensat has provided you with multiple scans over time these can be viewed using the timeline. The scans will be given survey capture dates which you will be able to see across your timeline. This gives you a quick snapshot of when your point cloud data has been updated.

1. Look on the timeline for the green flash and drone symbol. This indicates that a survey was conducted in this time range.

2. Select the tab with the desired survey upload.

3. Your view on the canvas will then be filtered to only show your selected scan. You will also get a view of all uploads and markups created during your selected period in the Uploads/Markups panel.

4. To compare changes through time, click on another tab with a previous or more recent scan.

Planning with markups

The timeline now allows you to plot markups against time. You can now use markups to support project planning by setting their start and end dates. Markups will appear on the timeline.

1. On creating a new markup it will automatically be given a start and end date 7 days apart based on the time range you have selected in the timeline under Timeline dates.

2. These dates will act as a filter for where on the timeline the markups will be visible.

3. New start and end dates can be selected using the date picker.

4. Markups can also be set without an end date. This means they will continue to appear over time. This might be useful when adding assets to Sensat that will continue to be useful markers throughout the project.

5. Once markups have timeline dates they will be filtered from the canvas in line with the selected time range tab.

6. If you want to see all the content on the canvas or uploads/markups panel you can deselect the timeline by clicking on the currently selected tab on the timeline or by clicking the View all dates button in the uploads/markups panel.