Here to help

When business continuity matters most, we’re here to support site data capture and visualisation no matter what challenges you face. Any questions about how to deal with what’s next, just ask and we’ll give you a call.

Assurance during lockdown

Following the UK Government’s recent statement, announcing new imposed national lockdown restrictions in England from 5 November 2020, our Data Team is operating as normal in line with guidelines that construction sites can stay open throughout the new national lockdown.

Fully COVID secure, we’re here to support you during this time when there is a requirement to have fewer boots on the ground. Sensat will also provide a price match guarantee to keep civil infrastructure moving at this time. If you have any questions about how we can help, do reach out to us.

Supporting our customers

Collaboration at distance

Asset Owners, Engineering Consultancies and General Contractors are using our survey data capture and visualisation platform to manage sites remotely. Once data is captured, we process it in our cloud-based platform accessible from any device, providing vital information and collaboration exchange, useful when teams are working remotely.

Berkeley Homes are using our visualization platform to prevent information silos and work more efficiently during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ensuring health and safety

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) official guidance emphasises the need for the safe and secure sites during lockdown. Without people on-site, small challenges can get bigger.

Engineering Consultancies such as WSP are using our drone data capture and visualisation platform to remove workers from hazardous areas to minimise time spent on site. Our solution allows teams to remotely resolve complex surveying measurements such as height, area and volumetrics.

Ongoing monitoring for continuity

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) official guidance recommends periodic monitoring of sites. Where a site is near a river, estuary or coast, companies are actively encouraged to put in place remote monitoring arrangements.

Sensat offers a simple and transparent way to monitor progress on construction sites remotely. Drones quickly survey sites to engineering-grade quality without the need for boots on the ground, providing an accurate record of your project and works status.

Remote teams at Osborne working on the A46 in Coventry already gained insights into the progress of their project without having to send any workers on site.

To help, Sensat is guaranteeing to price match and beat the data delivery times of our competitors to keep civil infrastructure moving.

Here to help

We understand in uncertain times you may have questions. We’re here to support you, whatever stage in your project so please ask us anything.