Build clarity and coordination with increased confidence

Stay on-schedule, stick to budget and mitigate risk, with a comprehensive, real-time site record that enhances project certainty, coordination and decision confidence.

Construction certainty that avoids costly consequences

Any slight mistake—incorrect measurements, misaligned buildings, unaccounted trees, cabling or fences—can lead to costly consequences down the road.

Sensat helps you stay on top of your project by providing immediate access to highly accurate site information, so you can see conditions and activities, in real-time, when you need to. Easily coordinate your project and monitor progress from anywhere, to take action and address potential constraints, pitfalls and unforeseen circumstances with solutions head on.

With a shared view and automated workflows, build with confidence knowing that your entire team is always on the same page, with enhanced (but simplified) communication and coordination to give you more control and project optimisation.

"Over 100 colleagues are now accessing up to date information remotely via Sensat’s visualisation platform."

Jim Bushell, Survey and Monitoring Manager at MSVF

Your indisputable assurance record

Get more confidence in plans, logistics and upcoming activities, with an exact virtual replica of your project in 2 and 3D that gives you immediate access to all site information, that can be continually updated .

Have a clear view of works pending, incomplete or complete to better track activities, verify site work monitor progress and take action. As your indisputable assurance record you identify problems early, reduce errors, while reducing cash flow, billing and enhanced sustainability. 

Eliminate errors and mitigate risk

Access crucial data anytime with just a few clicks and, without having to go into hazardous environments. 

Bridge the gap between engineers and site teams, by providing accessibility to comprehensive, user-friendly visuals to reduce miscommunication, boost productivity, and eliminate errors.  

See visual clashes early to ensure all associated design risks are fully assessed, compliant and work is checked. Flag project pitfalls and emerging risks faster to avoid delays later in the build, by having one site view. 


Save time and costs

Optimise workflows, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs with quality information that gives you real-time site context and project clarity so you can identify ongoing project constraints and refine logistics and plans. 

Coordinate and communicate with teams from anywhere to avoid re-work, double counting and wastage, and build a comprehensive record of your site that can be accessed anytime  to support decision making and compensation events.

Increase collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Reduce the feedback loop and equip your team with the information needed to respond decisively to ever changing circumstances, with user-friendly visual data that’s easy-to-understand for everyone on your team.

Manage critical actions and stay on track, to work more collaboratively with everyone in the build stage to drive project certainty and decision confidence.

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The right products for you

Our goal is to support you throughout the build process as a cost-effective solution. We will proactively scan your site and deliver Sensat Data within Sensat Pro. For Sensat quality-assured data, select Sensat Certified. For continuous up to date information and regular scans of your site, select Sensat Continuous. Our team will get you started with a thorough on-boarding training, followed up with additional data synching to help you make your build more successful.

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