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Make blind bidding a thing of the past

Responding to tenders and winning projects is integral to your business. But what happens when there’s not enough information (or too much) to present a competitive bid?

On top of being costly, complex, and time-consuming, submitting a “blind bid” can lead to a poor understanding of a site—leading to wrong assumptions and expensive estimations.

With Sensat “blind” bidding is a thing of the past. Providing a practical bid platform that lowers your risk, get a complete digital replica of a site upfront to understand project requirements and potential constraints, so you can present a creative solution with a more realistic proposal and price, to increase your chance of winning with project profitability. 

Onsite access without going on site

Understand site constraints right from the beginning of the bidding process, with immediate remote access that gives you a head start over your competitors.

Get to work on your project bid quicker, engaging the right people at the right stages, with one accurate view of the site that means you can make decisions more confidently, boost creativity and win more bids.

Identify site constraints and potential pitfalls fast

Identify site conditions early and see physical constraints that could cause planning issues, compensation events or project delays further down the line, with one view of all your site.

Mitigate risk from day one with more eyes on the project from a wider range of disciplines, enhancing the quality process, and allowing you to be more accurate and realistic with projected costs and how it will be built.

Accurate site data, upfront and in one place

Detect differences in ground levels and identify potential visual clashes, with a comprehensive site record where you can overlay and validate existing data with current site scans (provided by Sensat), and client provided designs to support planning, pricing and logistics. 

Then, when the time is right, transition information to your pre-construction and construction teams quickly, facilitating fast and smart mobilisation by giving them immediate, remote access to your site.

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Easy engagement, from client to subcontractors

Bring stakeholders and subcontractors into the platform, enabling you to share site information, answer questions, identify challenges and risks early, and demonstrate project success in a more compelling way.

Increase efficiency, secure error-free supplier quotes, and reduce change orders with one site view, to provide a standout project proposal that earns your prospective client’s trust and builds confidence in the bid process.

The right products for you

To win more, higher profit projects we recommend Sensat Pro for your bids.

Our goal is to support you throughout the bidding process with a cost effective solution. We’ll proactively screen and curate project site data and deliver it within Sensat Pro. Our team will get you started with a thorough on-boarding training, followed up with additional data synching to increase your chances of winning the project bid.  

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