Win with Sensat

Bid with a competitive advantage.

Gain a true understanding of your site and improve the quality and reliability of your information. Sensat puts your data into context, enabling you to quickly spot the risks and opportunities that will help your bid stand out. Combine an accurate price and schedule with an innovative solution to win.

Know your site

Get one step ahead of the competition with comprehensive site information. Demonstrate a more precise understanding of the site to deliver solutions that others can’t.

Lower the risk

More certainty in your plans than ever before. Constructors can see and weigh up all potential risks to create a plan and price that’s truly accurate.

Win more bids

Out with the blind bids. In with winning. Less complexity and a more complete picture means you have the freedom to innovate.

Determine the risks. Reap the rewards.

See the full picture. See what’s possible. Get the information you need in an instant to build a winning bid without future risks.

Stand out with more creative solutions

Ideate and innovate in a digital replica that reflects the reality of your site. With the possibilities of your site visualised, you can design the future-proof solutions that will put you on top.

Price and predict with greater accuracy

A more in-depth understanding of your site means more realistic and competitive pricing. Be confident in your bid with a price and schedule that’s reliable now and in the future.

Win with Sensat

See how Sensat can unlock a more competitive bid

Sensat helps you see what’s possible

Evaluate plans faster

Your vision realised and presented in one complete digital environment. Speed up options selection and approvals and reduce the risk of changes ahead of time. With full stakeholder collaboration, you can see a clearer picture, faster.

Plan with Sensat

Track your build in real-time

Analyse the progress of your works in real-time to see the reality of what’s needed in the moment. Quick collaboration with team members enables you to forecast and problem solve at speed. Avoid risks, delays and unwanted costs.

Build with Sensat

Manage more efficient operations

Monitor the condition of your asset remotely and in real-time. Optimise necessary maintenance with easy collaboration and digital rehearsals to improve efficiency and reduce unforeseen safety risks.

Manage with Sensat

The best decisions are made together

Power the decisions that make your Infrastructure a reality.

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